Server information

Servername DDNet GER - Novice [DDraceNetwork]
IP address
Gametype DDraceNetwork
Map Banta
Version 0.6.4, 12.6.1
Password No
Players 18/64
Registered on

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Nickname Clan Score Country
BLOB GANG FAN -9999 Teeworlds
Iwazaru MSF -9999 Cyprus
Weedbärchiii |*KoG*| -9999 Virgin Islands, U.S.
@[email protected] -9999 Teeworlds
Schnuffelpuff ClanHierEin -894 Germany
Mewie -950 Sweden
ЪУЪ -9999 Teeworlds
Poltix [DeathFace] -9999 Turkey
laggy dude laggy -9999 Montenegro
gurkis -706 Sweden
Asta [Clover] -2803 Germany
Schnuffelpuff2 ClanHierEin -1383 Germany
Teek -9999 France
Bektas -895 Germany
Scofield NoHeaD -9999 France
.Ha -9999 Poland
nameless tee -456 Teeworlds
Shawn = IDIOT -9999 Luxembourg

Server location details

IP address
City Frankfurt am Main
Country Germany (0)
Provider InterNAP Network Services
Region Hesse (HE)
Timezone Europe/Berlin
Servers hosted on this IP 50