Server information

Servername ! [CTF] Arseniy Zarche's
IP address
Gametype CTF
Map ctf5
Version 0.7.3
Password No
Serverlevel 2
Players 9/36 (Bots: 0)
Registered on

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Nickname Clan Score Country Type
doode 47 Teeworlds Player
Tee w/ milk TheMskeTees 33 Teeworlds Player
cookie Animation 2 Russian Federation Player
JUDAS -3 Teeworlds Player
Dio Jojo 19 Australia Player
bai 36 Teeworlds Player
claim 0 Teeworlds Player
teetan Motherland 8 Teeworlds Player
^HAZEQ! ^WEE°°D° 7 Teeworlds Player

Server location details

IP address
City Irkutsk
Country Russia (0)
Provider TheServer
Region Irkutsk Oblast (IRK)
Timezone Asia/Irkutsk
Servers hosted on this IP 8