Server information

Servername ! [Blocker-Server] BlmapV3Royal ! [15/256]
IP address
Gametype DDraceNetwork
Map BlmapV3Royal
Version 1.8.7, 1.8.7
Password No
Players 15/16
Registered on

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Nickname Clan Score Country
LucasUser9 Polar Beer 0 France
YERR 0 Germany
@string/name 0 Slovakia
(͡° ͜ʖ͡°) 0 Gambia
INSPIRED 0 Germany
++Jump++ 0 Poland
|Second Life| 0 Teeworlds
Mohsen DD-Persian 0 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
White 0 Teeworlds
SmileY Kiddah AlwaysMean 0 Canada
Ex'(*SPIDER*) Expendables 0 Teeworlds
Black 0 Teeworlds
i sell you dope [TNT] 0 Teeworlds
Fox. 0 United States
Red♥ ._. 0 Teeworlds

Server location details

IP address
City Frankfurt am Main
Country Germany (0)
Region Hesse (HE)
Timezone Europe/Berlin
Servers hosted on this IP 1