Server information

Servername |*KoG*| MAIN (GER#1) Gores Server by QshaR and Hawerer
IP address
Gametype DDraceNetwork
Map Nyanto4Graves
Version 0.6.3, 9.3.1
Password No
Players 25/64
Registered on

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Nickname Clan Score Country
mops333 оиух -809 Marshall Islands
zag -3346 Teeworlds
Fermer -2197 Teeworlds
effect [!FAKE!] -9999 Teeworlds
bouNce' [!FAKE!] -9999 Teeworlds
Ira.d -3992 Teeworlds
^-^$emo Hassikome -9999 Turkey
Awesome -9999 Teeworlds
Fast3R -9999 Teeworlds
lush' -9999 Teeworlds
Jump3r [!FAKE!] -3704 Teeworlds
Ʌʋтιsт -9999 Teeworlds
Dr.Pap -2768 Teeworlds
Nervy OCs -4543 Teeworlds
°ReVoLuTiOn° -1463 Teeworlds
saurroc -5556 France
Lord Kenny high inc. -3164 Teeworlds
White_Fox Fox.Corp -3677 Teeworlds
NISO zxczxc -1499 Papua New Guinea
Ra!n [!FAKE!] -806 Teeworlds
Takito [!FAKE!] -2501 Teeworlds
Cant Save (Nob) ωιngs -9999 Teeworlds
Insomnia oиyx -9999 Teeworlds
pk -9999 Teeworlds
babel ToonTeam -9999 Teeworlds

Server location details

IP address
City London
Country United Kingdom (0)
Provider InterNAP Network Services
Region England (ENG)
Timezone Europe/London
Servers hosted on this IP 4