Server Information

With our Server Status Tool you can not only see Information about each Server. You can spend these Information as an Image and embed it into your Website.


With the server browser you can pick a server before you have the game. By clicking on the name, you can also see who is currently playing and which map is running.

Filter & search function

By using the search function you can search for a specific gamemode or map. Or immediately after a player.

121 Players
590 Servers
85 Gametypes
26 Countries

Teeworlds Server Status Tool

Displays all information you want for every Teeworlds server

You don't need to have great technical experience to use!

Our system is very easy to use. You don't need any technical knowledge to embed server information into your website, forum post etc. Just choose one of our Styles, set the server's address and embed it as an image.

Fast, simple and powerful

We've got everything you need to see all information about Teeworlds Servers and Teeworlds Services.

Everything is easy to use and fast. Our scripts are optimized to give our users a loaded website within milliseconds. Even the serverlist!

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