Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions

General Questions

Yes! is completely free of charge. There are no subscriptions, advertising or hidden costs.

No. and all associated scripts are and will remain private for the time being. We are friends of an open source community. But we also accept the wish of the developers to leave their own creations private. There is a lot of work in our scripts and systems and we want to leave them private for now. If you want to use our services for your projects, take a look at our status pictures and our API.

Yes and no. We have reached a point where the core functions of a Live Server Status System are reached. We display pretty much all available information, prepare it into statistics and provide functions for further processing. We don't see any more possibilities for new features at the moment. For the future we plan to integrate our services into other projects and to expand through new own projects and by taking over existing projects. Even though is stagnating in development, our team will continue to work for you on many other Teeworlds projects. was originally developed by FruchtiHD. With his decision to leave the Teeworlds community, the development was taken over by MrCosmo. The website, the master server and the backend systems are still hosted by FruchtiHD.

Community related questions

Not everywhere. currently requires no team members. In the future we may be looking here for moderators for our Teeworlds servers. But in between our other projects need more supporters. Have a look at the websites of our other projects like Teeworlds Adventures.

Theoretically, yes. We don't make our own rules when dealing with Teeworlds servers. Servers banned by the master server are also not displayed by us. We have technical possibilities to exclude additional servers from our systems. These have not yet been used. In the future we will not support servers which in our opinion use unfair means. This includes e.g. attacking other servers with DDoS attacks or similar.

Verified servers are servers tested by us and confirmed as original. This does not necessarily have anything to do with the server itself. In the past, it has happened a few times that modified servers copy the information from other servers to emulate it and capture player data. We will therefore mark checked servers in the future to help you a bit. Currently only our own servers and those of our partners have been verified. If you as a server operator are interested in a verification, you are welcome to contact us. We would like to automate this process in the future.

Technical questions

That's annoying. Also for us. Our systems get all servers, which are registered at the master servers. Please make sure that your server can also be found in the ingame server list. If this is the case but your server is still not listed, then our systems may be blocked by your firewall. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Of course, we do not want to divulge detailed information. Logically, we follow the normal Teeworlds process to access all servers and their information. We ask the master servers for the corresponding server lists and the server lists for the information of the individual servers. This information is cached for a short time and from the cache the information is displayed on the website.

The backend of the website was written in PHP. Our crawlers were originally written in C++, but are now being redeveloped in Python.

Our systems update the cache every minute.