cant handle

We've found 1 players of the clan cant handle in Teeworlds

Name Ýo
Clan cant handle
Score -210
Country Montenegro
Servername |*KoG*| MAIN (GER#1) Gores Server by QshaR and Hawerer
IP address
Gametype DDraceNetwork
Map Gridwyn6
Version 0.6.3, 9.3.1
Password No
Players 14/64
Registered on
Nickname Clan Score Country
{~*NeymarZ.} -9999 Teeworlds
ASE [!FAKE!] -543 Teeworlds
Noe тω|t0bt. -893 Poland
-Twist°~ [BaG] -903 Albania
Ýo cant handle -210 Montenegro
krayto null -766 Uganda
TerrorusT Lea's army -279 Teeworlds
.LeitWolf' Curse -9999 Teeworlds
FrAgOrDiE -9999 Teeworlds
opto cozy -1307 Germany
ℛæ -9999 Egypt
BRAIT jAGOD -9999 Teeworlds
Miiep"* avocado -623 Qatar
Trafalgar Law ?¿ -9999 Germany